Welcome to our house of sauce.

We are a small but mighty team of two based in Sonoma County, California. This project started from an obsession with Sichuan flavors and has grown into a celebration of both Chinese and California cuisines.

Our ingredients are locally sourced when available, and our inspirations are always global in nature. All of our sauces are 100% vegan, gluten-free, MSG-free, and downright badass.

We recommend enjoying our sauces with eggs, sandwiches, noodles, tacos, dumplings, pizza, burritos, avocado toast, soups, marinades, friends, foes, neighbors, strangers, or simply spooning straight to face.

What is chili crisp?

Chili crisp is a crunchy, crispy, tingly, spice-loaded flavor companion to foods of all kinds. It has roots in Sichuan cuisine but is universally delicious on any dish.

(Pictured: Chili crisp over cheesy grits and a fried egg)

We developed our recipe over years of feedback from friends, family, and enthusiastic strangers. When we made our first batch, we didn’t think it would grow up to have its own website, but here we are! We hope you like it.

Friends, Partners, Vendors

We want to thank everyone who has helped us bring these sauces into the world. Special thanks to our early adopters and beloved 'sauce heads' who have been on this adventure with us since the beginning.

Thanks to The Altamont General Store in our little town of Occidental for providing us with kitchen space and wholehearted good cheer.

Thanks to Josee Nesper for the gorgeous stenciled artwork seen on every jar.

We raise our spoons to you!

- Lani and Nate