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Big Spoon Sauce Co. is a husband-and-wife operation based in the coastal redwoods of Sonoma County, California. This chili crisp project was born from an obsession with Sichuan flavors, and has since grown into a celebration of both Chinese and California cuisines.

Big Spoon uses ingredients that are locally sourced when available, and our inspirations are always global in nature. Every Big Spoon sauce is vegan, gluten-free, and downright badass.

We recommend enjoying our products with eggs, sandwiches, noodles, tacos, dumplings, pizza, burritos, avocado toast, soups, marinades, friends, foes, neighbors, strangers, or simply spooning straight to face.

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What is chili crisp?

Chili crisp is a crunchy, crispy, tingly, spice-loaded flavor companion to foods of all kinds. It has roots in Sichuan cuisine but is universally delicious on any dish.

Lani and Nate developed their recipe over years of feedback from friends, family, and enthusiastic strangers. When they made their first batch, they didn’t think it would grow up to have its own website, but here we are! Thank you for being part of the Big Spoon fam.

From the Press Democrat: Occidental couple’s recipe for chili crisp sauce has a devoted fan base

"For those unfamiliar with chili crisp, a few whiffs of Bender frying shallots while Chan pours a complex blend of spices into a large bowl, readying it for a rendezvous with the sizzling-hot shallot oil, will entice you to make Big Spoon Sauce Co.’s acquaintance." -- Jennifer Graue, January 2023

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