Club Big Spoon

Become a Big Spooner and never run out of sauce. 


  • A curated box of seasonal + mainstay Big Spoon sauces delivered quarterly (4x per year)
  • FREE SHIPPING on quarterly club shipments 
  • Automatic shipments of our limited-run seasonal chili crisps for delivery before the official drop date
  • Discounts on additional online store orders year-round
  • Newsletter with team updates, recipes, ingredient highlights, producer features, etc.



When will I be charged for my subscription?

You'll be charged automatically when each shipment is sent. Our anticipated 2024 schedule is March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th.


How can I customize my quarterly club shipment?

We curate all our club shipments to include an assortment that will appeal to as many of our Big Spooners as possible. However, if you want to switch anything out, you can email us before the ship date at


When do I send that customization request email?

We’ll send out an email to all club members a week before we send anything out, so you’ll have time to let us know. Please note we cannot make changes to your shipment or do any returns or exchanges after the ship date.


What can I swap in and out?

You can swap any 6oz jar of our regular lineup (Chili Crisp, Magic Beans, and Dragon’s Booty) for any other 6oz jar (excluding seasonals). You can also swap any 12oz jar for any other 12oz jar, again excluding seasonals. We cannot swap 12oz jars for 6oz jars or vice versa.


What are your seasonal releases?

Several times per year we collaborate with local farmers, many of whom we met vending at farmers markets ourselves, to create a limited run of extra special chili crisp highlighting what’s in season. These jars have sold out quickly in the past so we’re giving our Big Spooners first dibs as one of the perks of membership. 

Check out our past seasonal releases here.


Can I swap for all seasonal releases in my shipment?

Given the small batch size and cost of ingredients in our seasonals, we are unable to swap out jars of our regular lineup for these limited run jars. However, members can absolutely use their club discount to purchase more if they’d like to. 


What if I am addicted to Dragon’s Booty and I want only Dragon’s Booty in perpetuity?

That’s a dietary restriction we would be honored to accommodate. Shoot us an email at and we'll make a note in your account.


How long am I committed to Club Big Spoon after I sign up?

New subscribers are committed for one calendar year (or 4 shipments) so that they can enjoy the full spectrum of seasonal flavors available from Sonoma County, CA. If you’d like to cancel before receiving 4 deliveries, an early cancellation fee of $50 will apply. This helps us cover the cost of processing and restocking product. Keep in mind that if you cancel after a shipment has already been sent, you'll still receive and be charged for that shipment. 


What if I'm allergic to a specific ingredient but I still want all the other sauces that don't contain that ingredient?

Let us know when you sign up and we’ll make a note in your account. 


Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can pause your subscription at any time for 1 quarter (max. 1 per year). Just log in to your customer portal and make the changes you need. Please note that if you cancel after a shipment has already been processed, you'll still receive and be charged for that shipment.



How do I sign up? 

Purchase your first shipment to get into our system! Choose from the three options here and let us handle the rest.